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Smart Lighting Solutions

We examined some of the best smart home lighting solutions out there and curated a list of the most innovative, efficient, and useful products for our Clients. You’ll want to read the list yourself to get familiar with the way your home will be lit in the future.

Smart Entertainment Devices

When it comes to smart automation in the home, your entertainment devices are perhaps the first obvious step to take. Your existing electronics are likely ready for connectivity if they were purchased recently. Whether you’re looking for a central hub to control them all, a smart way to connect to your phone or tablet, or home automation, this list is your place to be.

Smart Home Appliances

With smart home technology, your appliances can become more convenient, safe, and efficient. Let’s face it: we take our appliances for granted. If they’re doing their job, we don’t think about them. When they break, they get replaced. What if they could do more for us, and we could do more with them? That’s what smart technology is all about. Beyond connectivity, it’s designed to improve the way we interact with our homes.

Smart furnishers Solutions

This might come as a surprise, but even the windows and shades of your home can be improved with smart technology. These products allow for the complete customization and control of the natural light entering your home.

Smart Surveillance Cameras

When you think about smart technology that improves life at home, cameras might not be your first idea. We’re here to open your mind to the convenience and safety possibilities inherent with smart home camera solutions. So let’s get the big idea out right away: smart home technology has been shown to improve almost every functional aspect of your house. However, when it comes to security, smart technology is bringing it to many homes where it had never been considered before.

Smart Door Locks

When your security catches up with the technology in your home, everyone wins. Well, everyone but thieves win. We’ve enjoyed covering the myriad new examples of smart home technology that grant convenience, safety, connectivity, and peace of mind to homeowners, but none have felt as essential and life-changing as these new smart locks.

Smart A/C control

Working with smart and IR transmitter, you can freely control the A/C panel on your smart phone and tablets. Remote control the A/C units via SMART app and set up time to turn it ON before you coming home or office. It supports modes of cooling, heating; ventilation, etc (Depend on A/C system brand).

Smart Home Sensors

The simplest and best way that smart home technology can make a difference in your home is to take the burden of drudgery off your shoulders. Smart sensors are exactly how this is achieved. When you think about smart home sensors, you probably picture motion detectors. These are the most common type of sensor, and one we’ve been familiar with for decades at this point. In the past they opened doors at the grocery store, turned on hand dryers, and more. Today, they accomplish much more.

Smart Voice Recognition and Voice Activated Products

The main attractive point with voice activated products is that they use one of the most natural of human behaviors to command, interact, and monitor your devices and your home itself. Speaking is something almost everyone can do, and it requires no learning curve.

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