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M.O.M.K is a software company that specializes in analysis, design and development of Information Systems across all Industry- domains.


Suitable End to End Software Services for each and every organization.


To put people at the driving seat of their software.

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Financial and Educational Consultant

Ibrahim Mubarak

Name. Ibrahim mubarak ibrahim
Financial and educational consultant..
Deputy president Board of Trustees Bayan college of Science and Technology.
Software Developer

Yassin Mohsin

Develop, create, and modify general computer applications software & website or specialized utility programs. Analyze user needs and develop software solutions. - Design software or customize software for client use with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency & front end development .
Web Developer

Ahmed Yaseen

Experienced Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in WordPress, Laravel, Codeigniter and Magento e-commerce platform. Strong IT professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Computer Science from Bayan College of Science and Technology.
Founder & CEO

Mohammed Omer

A trustworthy, hardworking and reliable, Able to work on own initiative with minimal supervision and works well as part of a team to achieve deadlines. Good interpersonal skills and an understanding of the importance of excellent customer service. Excellent communicator and able to interact with customer and staff in a professional manner from various backgrounds. Enthusiastic; motivated; attention to details; initiative; calm under pressure.
And full stack developer.
Website & eCommerce Optimizer

Abubaker Jouda

Conversion Centered Designer, Digital Marketer and E-commerce Specialist with proven accomplishments in performing Web Design, Optimization, Analytics, CRO, SEO, and CVO to maintain the company’s presence and image in the industry.
Marketing and Sales Specialist

Ahmed Abdel Salam

A professional marketing and sales specialist . With extending experience in implementation of financial management information systems. Which enriched my understanding of the challenges that most of Businesses might test .. Hence, he developed a mature approach to handle every new challenge he presented with !
Founder & Senior Full Stack Developer

Ahmed Abdelrhman

Ahmed is an expert in IT solution development . His skills are include developing, designing desktop and web based projects and organizing them from the concept stage into fully developed software and web site solutions. He believe that the 3 most important rules of project management are to complete each task on time and within budget while assuring customer approval.
Back End Developer

Yahya Mahjob

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